RAF Fylingdales, England

RAF Fylingdales: About 11 miles south of Whitby, England, these very picturesque radar
domes are part of an integrated missile early warning system. Located in the Yorkshire
moors which is another name for a peat swamp with lots of purple heather and sheep
Photo Courtesy James Thomas Cerar

RAF Fylingdales: I was told before going to England that it was very easy to fall in love
over there and you might regret it later on. Well I did fall in love...she had a certain
glow and I couldn't wait to slip into her sleek warm body and spend some time with her.
Yes, she was my first Jaguar XKE which I shipped to Cheyenne after my TDY was completed.
No regrets falling in love....Photo was taken next to Whitby harbor.
Photo Courtesy James Thomas Cerar

RAF Fylingdales: After six months at this location it was time to return stateside. Thank
goodness I was able to find a snow shovel. While at Fylingdales, I heard a phrase used by
the Brits during WWII to describe Americans. "Over fed, over paid, over sexed and over
here". I was so glad I could keep that tradition going.
Photo Courtesy James Thomas Cerar

RAF Fylingdales: Did I mention that there were a lot of sheep in the Yorkshire moors?
Well, this was Gladys. She was a going away present from my colleagues. The Brits really
know how to cook lamb!
Photo Courtesy James Thomas Cerar