Cape Canaveral

Detachment at Cape Canaveral in 1967.

Back Row, Left to Right: Del Hayner, Jerry Salsgiver, Everett Moore, Jack Nickel,
Ron Veasy, Jerry Tremblay, Walt Blackmer, Walt Abraham, Capt. Carpenter (Det CO), Picha,
Mike Hawkins, Raymond Chandler, Niles Rubar, Ralph Miller, William Menninger, Lorean Seymour

Front Row, Left to Right: Johnson, Morgan, Bill Barron, James Robinette, Harry Harris,
Lt Col Martin Selinfreund (GSS CO), Bob Millians, Bill DeCostanza, Pete Day, Brooks, Gus Galuzza
(Bob Millians supplied most of the first names. Last names taken from note found on back of original photo.)
Photo Courtesy Harry Harris

Dave Brooks & Jim Baxley circa 1973 Cape Canaveral AFS.
Photo Courtesy Jim Baxley

Standing,L-R: Tim Dale, John Clark, Mike Szyhowski, Loren Hansen, Niles Rubar, Arden Morgan.
Kneeling L-R: Gerald Miller, Dave Brooks, Larry Batten, Louis Delone, Wayne Miller, Jim Baxley, Marvin Larabee.
Baxley says that some Det 4 members must have been TDY when this photo was taken.
Photo Courtesy Jim Baxley

Dave Brooks and Jim Baxley setting VWSS- the most ridiculous project Baxley can remember doing at CCAFS.
Could have been done with a carpenter's level.
Photo Courtesy Jim Baxley

MSBLSS survey on shuttle strip, 1977, L-R Eric Werner, Jim Baxley, Mike Szyhowski & Rick Rogers
Photo Courtesy Jim Baxley