Seychelles Islalnds

Flying from Mombasa, Kenya to Mahe Island, Seychelles.
Alan Jantz at Tracking Station.
Capt Scruton, Deputy Commander of the Tracking Station,
and A1C Frank Williams ready to go.
Civ Walt "Blacky" Blackmer Setting Up Field Survey.

Interpreter (at right) & 5 oars men/equipment porters on Conception Island.
Paddled long boat over at night and picked us up in morning. [Wikipedia: Conception Island is a small island (0.603 km2) in the Seychelles 2 km west of Mahé Island. Conception contained a coconut plantation until the mid-1970s; today it is uninhabited.]

A1C Frank Williams with T4.
A1C Frank Williams, Radar Tech, and A1C Ron Harbert.