Stellar Camera at Trinidad

The new shelter that was being built for the camera equipment. The powers to be were not too happy with the 1st one which is shown in the other JPGs. Sergeant Harris is standing in the door, he was the Generator person and was in charge.
Equipment being adjusted by myself in our first shelter, our camera man (unk) is sitting.
Our first shelter, built right after we arrived and very quickly. After our first visit from our command we had to have a better one built which is in JPG #31 (above). The site was on a hill with the RCA US Rocket Range radar and equipment in the background. This was on a old Navy installation in the North West side of Trinidad.
Vistors Check was taken on the first timing trip from F E Warren to check and sync our clock. Sorry, can't remember who is in the picture, a long time ago and have not thought about until I started writing my personal history. Now I'm 72 and these names have just faded from my memory.