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Photos by Jim Heiser

Digging through an old clothes box I found this! 1980's cap (early 80's I'm sure). Hat is over 30 years old and still wearable ;)

Found this hidden in the back of my closet just now. My flight suit from when I was surveying using IPS in helicopters. May not fit anymore but it's a keeper!!

The crashed helicopter is from the crash I was in back in Feb of '81 outside Tonopah Nevada in the Monitor Valley. Both myself and the pilot literally walked away from it.

Mark Warner with Duke, a dog he and I took in that was abandoned where we were staying in Current Ranch, NV (no longer exists). He is in front of the Alloette chopper we were trying out on this project (MX Missle).

Mark and a fellow airman whose name I can't remember going over the pending days flight plan outside of an Astar helicopter. The hose going into it is from an air conditioner we had to use to keep the computer on the IPS within its operating temperature. This was summer in Nevada afterall.

Current Ranch where we stayed for several months. It was 50 miles from Ely and 20 miles from an Indian reservation. The place had a bar/restaurant/gas pump, an 8 room motel and several trailers across the street. It was owned/operated by a local rancher.

Map showing DMA locations in the 1980s.

Publicity piece on DMA's mission.

The DMA HTC logo sticker from my briefcase.

Another sticker celebrating DMA's 10th anniversary.

Condor Helicopter Patch.