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Photos from John Depuy

Garry Moore in Thailand (1971) wrapped in local culture.

Sgt Tom Folgate (on the left) with SSgt Rick Rogers on the right.
They are at DMS (Ft. Belvoir - circa 1980) conducting an outdoor surveying class.

Sgt Garrett R. Moore receives the Air Force Commendation Medal
for outstanding service performed while stationed TDY in Thailand
with the Geodetic Survey unit.

Mr. Walter Blackmer receives Outstanding Performance Award
from Capt Thomason at Det 4.

MSgt James D. Bloomquist receives the Air Force Commendation Medal
during his retirement ceremonies.

Receiving Air Force Commendation Medals are TSgt Orville G. Heathorn,
SSgt Michael F. Ognisty, and Sgt Herbert W. Matson.

Jack Mortensen, taken when he was stationed at Vandenberg circa 1975-1980.

Jim Will, also stationed Vandenberg circa 1975-1980
Both of these pictures were taken while we were awaiting transportation to San Clementi Island in support of a Cruise Missile project. While awaiting Navy transportation to the island, the Navy had opened the Navel Base at San Diego for visitors, so Jack, Jim and I took the opportunity to see just how the Navy lived. The timing of these pictures is approximately February of 1979.

Louise Voelker. This picture was taken at Garry Moore's residence Thanksgiving of 1975. At the time she was assigned to DMS, but previously had worked at Cheyenne as a civilian. We had gathered at Bonnie and Garry's home for Thanksgiving Dinner.