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Photos by Patrick McDonough
Pat McDonough using the Electrotape
on a mountain top in the Mojave Desert
Three 1381st surveyors taking a break in the shade.
2nd Lt Milliams was Chief of Party
Sunday BBQ at Orlando AFB Barracks.
Kneeling - Bob Pruitt from Left - Pat McDonough, Ron Dulaney, Noel Ryan, Al Cramer
Al Cramer looks on as Pat McDonough turns steaks
at the weekly Sunday BBQ
Checking steaks at the weekly Sunday BBQ.
Pat McDonough at grill, From Left, Tim Grabowski, Ron Dulaney, Al Cramer
Miss Orlando AFB dinner at the Officers Club. All the contestants were escorted by members of the 1381st GSS.
From left, Chuck Iklodi with contestant/date
Pat McDonough with contestant/date (Base Commander's daughter)
Noel Ryan with contestant/date
Mike Scott with contestant/date
Having a beer on the weekend at the Orlando AFB barracks
From Left, Noel Ryan, Mike Scott, Mike Hamilton, Al Cramer, Pat McDonough
Survey team on a Mountain Top above Death Valley.
From Left, Howard Bowers, Joe Noel, Ed Fincke, Pat McDonough
Al Cramer digging for survey markers.
Pat McDonough surveying at a missile site