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Photos from Jim Baxley
Dave Brooks & Jim Baxley circa 1973 Cape Canaveral AFS.
Standing,L-R: Tim Dale, John Clark, Mike Szyhowski, Loren Hansen, Niles Rubar, Arden Morgan.
Kneeling L-R: Gerald Miller, Dave Brooks, Larry Batten, Louis Delone, Wayne Miller, Jim Baxley, Marvin Larabee.
Baxley says that some Det 4 members must have been TDY when this was taken.
Dave Brooks and Jim Baxley setting VWSS- the most ridiculous project Baxley can remember doing at CCAFS.
Could have been done with a carpenter's level.
MSBLSS survey on shuttle strip, 1977, L-R Eric Werner, Jim Baxley,
Mike Szyhowski (Baxley says this is Mike's "best view"---Ha!) & Rick Rogers